Press Release: Nebraska Democrats condemn Ricketts on lawsuit challenging presidential election results

Nebraska Democratic Party leaders on Wednesday condemned a move by Gov. Pete Ricketts to allow Nebraska to join a lawsuit that challenges the results of the presidential election.

“By joining this lawsuit, Ricketts is telling Nebraskans that he believes state legislatures should pick a president not American voters,” Kleeb said. “Nebraskans of all political backgrounds just voted at record levels in our state by mail and did so safely. The lawsuit Ricketts is endorsing, with our taxpayer money, tries to claim that mail-in ballots are illegal. This is an outrageous attack on the fundamentals of democracy. Ricketts and Trump are sore losers and need to focus on the real risks our state and country face with the growing COVID pandemic.” 

Nebraska Presidential Elector Precious McKesson, who is set to become the first woman and first person of color to cast an electoral vote for a Democrat on Monday, joined in Kleeb’s condemnation.

“This blatant power grab comes on the heels of Ricketts saying he supported certifying the election results,” McKesson said. “By joining this lawsuit, he’s going back on his word and is trying to steal the election from the people.”

Background on Lawsuit:

Texas drew support on Wednesday from 17 other U.S. states — including Nebraska — in its long-shot bid to have the Supreme Court overturn President Donald Trump’s election loss by throwing out the voting results from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — and their 62 electoral College votes. They want the legislatures in those states to decide who gets their electoral votes.[1]

In a brief filed Wednesday, lawyers for the 17 states led by Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt urged the nine justices to hear the Texas lawsuit, the latest litigation to try to undo Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over the Republican incumbent in the Nov. 3 election.


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